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Textellent has officially been recognized as a Frontrunner in the 2020 SMS Marketing Software Report by Software Advice, a Gartner company. Textellent achieved a score of 4.83 out of 5 for Usability and Customer Satisfaction. * Textellent has officially been recognized as a Frontrunner in the 2020 SMS Marketing Software Report by Software Advice, a Gartner company. Textellent achieved a score of 4.83 out of 5 for Usability and Customer Satisfaction. * The Leading Text Messaging & Marketing Service for Your Business Automated, Personalized Campaigns With Full CRM Integration Capability Talk to an Expert

Textellent offers a better way to engage and keep customers through text message marketing. Texts have a read rate of 98% and what’s more, customers want to communicate this way. We text-enable your existing business lines as well as toll-free numbers so you can engage and win customers with texting throughout the customer journey.

Business Texting Services Deliver Results

sms marketing services

Support & Engage Clients

Offer 1:1 customer support using existing phone numbers for better service

text messaging service for business

Increase Sales

Announce sales and nurture prospects with text drip campaigns

business sms service

Empower Clients

Enable them to book their own appointments easily

business sms service

Boost Referrals & Reviews

Automatically promote referral and review requests

business texting solutions

Acquire Clients

Gain customers with opt-in promotions using keywords and short or long codes

best texting service

Save Staff Time & Budget

Automate processes with texting campaigns and back-office integration

How it Works

1. Text Enable current phone number

Your customers already know your business and phone number and there is a good chance they have tried to text you in the past without success. Textellent text message marketing service can text-enable that number in minutes so that now all those messages can be captured, responded to and tracked. Enabling 800 numbers and VOIP lines are a snap too.

2. One to many & 1:1 communication

Now you can upload your contacts into Textellent to create new texting campaigns and/or simply use our one-to-one texting to help you provide outstanding service to your customers and prospects. All of this is supported by patented TCPA capabilities using AI to protect your brand.

3. Automated campaigns & Appointment scheduling

Now that you have started, you can use Textellent’s automated texting campaigns, create your own text blasts, drip campaigns and more. You can also get more creative and offer keywords and use our short code to encourage new prospects to opt-in to for text marketing messages to generate new. sales. We can also connect the service to your back-end and/or CRM systems so messages can be triggered by events in your customer journey. Our reporting dashboards allow you to easily manage and measure responses from these sms marketing services

Why Textellent

Selecting a text messaging service for business means considering how it will integrate with your other systems. With Textellent campaigns are simple to create and manage. They can be completely automated and even be triggered by events in the customer journey using Textellent advanced integration capabilities.

And Textellent does more than just provide you with an efficient business texting platform. With its patented and built-in TCPA compliance tools supported by AI , you can quickly grow your phone list for marketing, while being assured that those who want to opt-out are identified even if they don’t say STOP.

Customer Centric Approach

Any business is only as good as the service it delivers. And the best text messaging service for business can only be delivered if we put our customers first.

Free Consultation & Trial

Let our experts help you select the kinds of capabilities that would work for your business. This is why we offer a consultation with our experts and allow you to try our service for free.


See how business texting services can help achieve your business goals

What do our clients say?

Tiffany Franklin

Tiffany Franklin

Valley Ranch Taekwondo

Texting has really improved how we service our customers and manage our classes. It allows us to be more responsive to customer questions, concerns while promoting our programs. In the end it is all about keeping our customers happy!

Lisa Tennant

Lisa Tennant

Tennant Lawn Care

``From the beginning, so many of my customers told us they prefer texts for our communications. I have been thrilled with the response!``

Nick Maldanado

Nick Maldanado

Toro Taxes

``I have a number of different businesses and I am so impressed with this platform that I am rolling out this service to them as well``

Four R's of Texting for Franchise Growth

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